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The Cache Creek Area Plan

In July the Board of Supervisors votes 4-1 to adopt the Off-Channel Mining Plan (OCMP).   In August Yolo County adopts the Cache Creek Resources Management Plan (CCRMP). Together, the OCMP and the

The Capay Diversion Dam and an Off-Channel Mining Plan

The Capay Diversion Dam is modified with the addition of an inflatable top section to increase efficiency.

Yolo County struggles over mining policy

Yolo County officials continue to struggle over a policy to govern gravel mining on Cache Creek.

Teichert makes attempt for reclamation

On its new site (the future Nature Preserve), Teichert attempts to reclaim mined land for agricultural use. The bottom of one mining pit is graded, leveled, and loose rocks removed.

A Published Analysis of fish remains

Dr. Kenneth Gobalet publishes an analysis of fish remains from an archaeological site excavated as part of the Cache Creek Dam construction below Clear Lake.